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Four Years of Theme Attics Comics

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Four years ago, on October 1st, Theme Attics Comics was born. Originally, this comic book venture was called Thematic Comics, but that name was taken. There was a period I was thinking about calling this collective Theme Addicts Comics, but a man in India told me he was using it via Instagram. In the end, Theme Attics Comics was the name chosen, because we blow the roofs off homes of anyone who buys our comics.

As I sit here writing about this anniversary, I can't help but reflect on the past four years. I hoped to create a book a month, bringing our total to 48 comics, but insecurity with my artistic ability, work, and the busyness of life had me step away from these ambitions. I'm both saddened and reinvigorated with what was accomplished through this valiant effort. 

Ravenous Rackem started this whole shindig with its debut on Webtoons. We lasted 6 uploads before it ended. Ravenous Rackem was a mess with its story not clearly defined because, well, the story wasn't very clear to me at the time. Something about mutants getting their abilities from smoke seems a little... inhuman. I wish the story started with its objective.

Drahcir's Slaughter is a gem of mine. I'm extremely proud of the goofy story, and I consider it the true start of things to come. I am currently redrawing the first 3 issues and putting them into a book. I like the story, not a fan of the art. This showed me the direction I wanted to take artistically, and I do intend to finish this whole story. 

Jetburn was a quick comic. I made that comic in like 2-3 months because I was trying to join this indie comics group who were making a shared superhero universe. A guy with amnesia calling himself Jetburn caused a bystander to see Jetburn's plane crash and said "look at that jet burn." The man doesn't have any flame-themed powers or weapons! Not the most eloquent storytelling, but the basics of the character were made in 10 minutes.

The rest of the lot, Blue Bolt, The Green Turtle, and anyone from Zandro Comics are their own thing. Golden Age comics are great, but since I didn't create them I don't feel it would be right to make any claim to them.

So few titles have been released these 4 years, and things are going to change!

I've spent most of this year writing

Drahcir's Slaughter's series as well as building out my superhero universe with folks like Iron Whal and Meddle- Head. I feel like I owe it to both my childhood dream and to the people who've invested their time in me to be consistent for once with these projects.

This is my declaration to continue the comics that have made so many of you join the Theme Attics Addicts. I'm glad to have kept so many of the same readers, and I hope to see new folks join.

Roken #1 Cover

Speaking of filling the catalog, I'm thrilled to announce the release of my latest comic, Roken, on October 5th. Originally, Roken was set to be part of the characters featured in Attics Blown, but plans have taken a different turn.

The inception of Roken came about due to an Indiegogo campaign in 2021 that, failed to deliver on its promise despite amassing well over their funding benchmark with over $5,000 in pledges. It appears they have recently become active again, with intentions to complete the book a year and a half after their initial promise.

Roken, however, was solely inspired by their concept, nothing more. To assert that I've completed my comic first, I've decided to release Roken sooner than originally intended. I'm eager to hear what you all think of Roken.


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