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Goodbye… Ravenous Rackem

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Nihile’s journey as Ravenous Rackem ends before it begins.

Issue 1 Cover by C. Zandro

October 1st, 2019, a little comic called Ravenous Rackem launched Theme Attics Comics. This comic was meant to be an ambitious project. There was a plan to have Ravenous Rackem in an ongoing series, but this didn’t come to pass. Midway through creating the first issue, I paused to see why the art didn’t look like those other professional comics. I took a 6 month break where I looked at artist like Jack Kirby, John Buescema, Daniel Warren Johnson and found what separated me from them. My “messy” lines and motion blurs weren’t deliberate. Mine were out of inability. After having a break between the 5th and 6th upload, it was clear I was not at the same level I started at. With a heavy heart, I knew I couldn’t go back and “remaster” everything that was already released.

Ravenous Rackem before and after the 6 month art development break.

I didn’t have it in me to tuck this away on some flash-drive. I had come across an art book by one of my favorite artist a month ago. Within the art book was the first few comics he did. After all the years I’ve spent trying to understand how he came up with his technique, it was all there in what he called his “chicken scratch.” If I had read his amateur comics I would’ve gotten the same conclusion he did faster. Out of this inspiration I thought I’d do it too. Maybe one day, my style will be perfected, and someone would like to find out how I got there. Enter: Ravenous Rackem #1, collected for the first time.

Ravenous Rackem #1 on Lulu Publishing

Within in this book contains all the original Webtoon uploads, character design sheets and a summary of what the story would have been. That’s 66 pages of content! This book isn’t meant to be sold as anything more than an amateur book used for reflection. Hopefully, one day, my art style will be impressive enough for folks to want to see how it developed.



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