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Issue 2 of Drahcir’s Slaughter

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

“Mitru was his name” is the title of the upcoming issue 2 of Drahcir’s Slaughter. The Off-Fits have begun their quest of dethroning the devilish King known as Drahcir. Along their journey they have uncovered a grave tool of grim influence: Drahcir has reverse engineered a mind control device powerful enough to brainwash a whole town. As the group begin their efforts of destroying the device, a huntsman of Drahcir joins the fray to lore Incog to himself.

Issue 2 Cover by C. Zandro

The story itself will be a 20 page comic, filled with an author's note along with a pin up and a character design sheet. Issue 2 of Drahcir’s Slaughter coming July 24, 2021. Available only on Amazon.



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