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Quotable Comics and What’s to Come

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Comic books have always placed a spotlight on the artist. The cover showcases the artist's best work, but where can we showcase the writer's best work?

Image from Drahcir’s Slaughter # 2

While comic book back covers are typically reserved for advertisements, Theme Attics Comics is rewriting the script. Instead of promotions, we're using this space to feature a memorable quote from the comic. The quotes we have for now are goofy pieces that aren't thought-provoking, and that isn't too far off from what Drahcir's Slaughter is supposed to be. But our ambitions reach beyond the comical. We're working to create striking quotes that will spark more interest in indie comics. 

Theme Attics Comics Quotes

An upcoming plan to diversify the Drahcir line is this little anthology book: Who Couldn't Drahcir Slaughter. The book is meant to be a one-and-done set of stories by four different writers and two different artists to explore other characters who inhabit that strange world. We get to see how Drahcir got to take over their nation and who he finds fearsome. Hopefully, that'll be out by the beginning of next year.

I'm thrilled to announce an upcoming project that I've been eagerly working on, a Superhero story that I promised to my Instagram followers a year ago. Titled JETBURN! This tale is shrouded in mystery, with all the details set to be unveiled later this year.

The story revolves around a character whose life took a turn when a plane crash wiped his memory and left him resembling a walking corpse, earning him the moniker Jetburn. His name was coined by a bystander who couldn't help but exclaim, “Look at that Jet burn.” In delirium, this phrase became his identity. 

As his shattered memory slowly mends, he begins to piece together clues about his past, including the costume he's wearing and the cargo he was entrusted with. Who was he before the crash? How did an ordinary man survive such a colossal wreckage? What secrets lie within the cargo he was carrying?

Jetburn Concept art



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