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“Together we’ll bring back the Golden Age of Comics.” That’s a slogan for us at Theme Attics Comics. We’re all about retro comics around here. Denisse is inspired by the 90s. The artists we commission are all influenced by the works of the 80s and 90s as well. The extreme style of the 90s was awesome for sure, but I feel like there isn’t more favor with the golden age of comics because there isn’t enough exposure to it.

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The golden age of comics was between 1938-1954. The Golden Age of Comics was forged as the world was hell-bent on tearing itself apart. The Great Depression was coming to an end just to launch us into World War 2, crime was rampant with the mafia bringing a veil of corruption on the United States. It was a dark time and it felt like the world needed a savior. Enter April 18, 1938: The debut of Superman. Superman’s first issue is commonly regarded as the birth of the Golden Age of Comics.

 Before Superman, there were pulp characters like the Phantom and The Shadow, but none of those early books quite epitomized the early days of the superhero genre. Today, everybody knows Superman, but not enough people know who his inception inspired.With the launch of Superman, National Publications, the precursor of DC Comics, wanted to strike lightning twice. They needed a new hero who could capture the public’s excitement for their Kryptonian. 

Bob Kane, with the help of Bill Finger, created a crusader who, like Superman, would fight injustice, but whose war on crime would be done in a darker, more gothic style.With both Batman and Superman creating the outline for the superhero genre, a creative explosion in the late 30s and 40s ensued. 

Every publisher wanted their own heroes in tights. The Green Turtle, The Conqueror, Phantom Lady, and many more followed the templates left by National Publications. There are plenty of gems in that lot. You can find many of those stories online, but I can hardly find any versions of physical books that contain those stories in good quality. 

The reprints of the Golden Age of Comics are typically in black and white with blown-up images causing the pages to be unreadable. The best part about being an artist is that I’ve gotten a little experience with re-inking pages which need to be touched up as well as fixing these blur issues. I plan on releasing a few Golden Age comics a month under our Zandro Comics Imprint. You can find the comics by following Zandro Comics on Amazon.


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